My life on the road of the 1st National Tour of the Broadway musical Memphis.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Compassion, Encouragement, and Hope

Well It's tuesday and I Just woke up in Atlanta.

The last 4 shows went well in Durham. The audiences there were truly amazing and very giving. It was almost like we were back in Memphis.
But none takes the cake as these 2 girls and there mom, who were in the front row of the show 3 times last week. Apparently Bryan knows them as one of his biggest fans from New York. He actually went and had dinner with them, which I think is very noble and compassionate of him to do. Good on ya Bryan!
However the last show was stressful for
me cause I had to finish the mural in the hallway, and let me tell you it is not encouraging for people to say things like "hey you think you'll finish in time" or "When ya gonna get that done", while you are sweating on details and trying to make something the cast can be proud to sign. Sometimes people just have no considerate sense about them.
It was funny cause the only 2 breaks I have in the show are also wig adjustments and changes, and Karen would come and fix my hair as I was working in the hallway. She was a perfect example of the encouragement I needed. :) It was so much on my mind to get it done that I didn't notice my hands, and when we were singing on stage Crystal just grabbed my hand and held it up to my face, as she chuckled cause I had white paint all over my fingers. But the compliments from the cast really made it worth it. This was a hard one cause I had no projector and had to do all the lettering and the
characters freehand, so it really was my own creation, but people seemed to like that better, Thanks Cast.

Of course that our day off was again no day off but a long 8 hr painful travel day, I'm really hoping my body can hold out for a year of this. Here's to hope!

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  1. Look at you all graphic artist and stuff. You're just multi-talented. Very well written! Glad my NC folks were good to ya.