My life on the road of the 1st National Tour of the Broadway musical Memphis.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Sorry it's been a couple days, It's been a pretty exciting week!

The encouraging Abby
Sarah and Elliot treated me to lunch
I've really been excited for this week, cause like Pittsburgh, and Philly, I surprisingly have a lot of friends here! To be able to catch up with old close friends that live in other states is one of the biggest gifts being on tour. It helps to ground who you are, encourage where you're going, and praise and compliment where you've come from.

Alright so we'll start with the big agitation of the week. To help promote our show and get radio publicity, the Company made some deal to have this Radio personality be the "white dj" that opens the top of the show. Now this guys has done it on Bway a couple of times, and I guess they got scared and brought him out to the tour for some cities that he has a following in. Whatever, you know thats fine, never mind the fact that I've auditioned for 3 years to get in this show and here comes some semi popular guy who just wants to be in it so he can, but the thing that really urked me was who they got. Mike Gallagher, some real big right wing conservative who apparently doesn't want anything for gay people.
 "um, does he know who he has to share the booth with?"
My long time close friend Jon and his wife Joy
It just made for a bad start to the week. I'm not even a political person, though there are lots in the cast who are, I just don't like 2 faced people, who can be all friendly to you and then talk bad things about you. You could feel the negative tension the day we had to rehearse with him,( which of course was another reason why I disliked his coming in, for I had to have a stupid booth rehearsal with him.) And apparently he will be here in 2 other cities, OIVEY! A big wonder was why they didn't think to get one of the famous black djs here in Atlanta? To have him promote the show as well, and to a demographic that 3/4th of the cast can relate too. Especially for black history month. I'll tell ya it is something to look out over the audience and see a speckling here and there of your color.
But he's gone for this week, so we have the real white and black dj's!!

Now I'll tell you what makes a theatre hard to perform in, even if it's as beautiful inside as the famous Fox theatre in Atlanta, is when the first row of audience is so far away from the stage. This show is so much full of superhuman energy, that we literally need to feed off it from the audience to perform at our highest level. There are so many times that I alone point straight at people and make eye contact, and not getting those things feels like a big disconnect, and makes you feel like you're not doing this for anyone and just going thru the motions, which really sucks. Now because it's a couple cast members hometown, we've had some incredible audiences, who have been pouring out the energy to us, but it still makes it hard. So whenever you come to see the show, or any show, participate! pay attention! And respond!

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