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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A farewell to Isley

Of course with long tours such as this, the inevitable is abound to happen, and people are going to leave. We thought it would have first been at the 6 month point when our contracts are up for renewal, for there are some folks who have already made there plans for leaving, but it ended up being last week. Our Awesome and wonderful Saxophone player Jon Isley closed out his last performance with us last sunday. We even had our own little tradition of rubbing our freshly shaven bald heads together before a show. Of course we sang our happy trails, (which for you non theatre folk, happens when a cast member leaves), and had a cake, but I chose to go about saying goodbye, my own way.
I decided to make sure he didn't forget me but etching myself in his brain. Maybe semi literally. Since I'm kind of known as an artist here in our crazy Memphis family, I decided to create a picturesque goodbye for my fella shiny head buddy! So one of my most memorable characters in the show is my teen boy, which is a nerdy, cute and lovable guy that shows up all thru act 2, and when the band is on stage with us then, has a lot of interaction with. So we always full around and I thought it would be way cool to create a cartoon of my little guy. So every night show I left him a small cartoon pic on his music stand right before act 2. It ended up being a really great drawing, and I will probably use it again!

But he is off to bigger and better things for him! He will be Playing with The


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