My life on the road of the 1st National Tour of the Broadway musical Memphis.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Florida ending part 2

Yes the sunshine has been really great, and for the most part everyone has been feeling great. All the crew has been wearing shorts backstage, the girls have been wearing sundresses and bikinis, and folks our wearing flip flops and sandals. Of course with the sun comes sun burn, and tan lines, so half of the main street cast(white folks ;)), are red as lobsters, or on there way to looking like us beale streeters.
Some folks have even gotten talked too about being out in the sun too long ruining the look for the show, and of course thats already on top of the ill feeling of the sun burn.

But what was thought to maybe the best 2 weeks on tour so far, has turned out to be a very sour and sore spot for our tour.
For some reason this has become the place where a lot of folks have become un happy. We are now dealing with such crazy situations that multiple people have felt that there best option is resigning. So March is going to be one uncomfortable month for the life of this show.
In fact, Just yesterday I was sitting on the back of the loading dock next to Kent in silence just trying to figure out how to keep out of all the drama.

Also  our Beautiful dancer Brie is going to have to get surgery for her hip which she hurt back in rehearsal for this show, which means she will be out for a bit til she heals, and friday night I did something to my ankle which has started causing me pain. Though I've decided to stay for the next 6 month contract despite not being paid the value of what I'm giving, and what I should be, The determing issue may be if my body can hold out. This show is ridiculously strenuous on our bodies, and our management is not valuing us and taking care of us as they should be out here on the road, especially with so few of us.

So Florida has become bitter sweet.  Pray for grace on us ya'll

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