My life on the road of the 1st National Tour of the Broadway musical Memphis.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

So here we are in Greenville South Carolina, and Let me say that it has been a very refreshing experience so far. This town is very cute, and came as a big shock to me. They have this beautiful waterfall park thats a block away from the theatre down town which is a perfect serene place to have a soul searching devotional.

Though the marketing department has done an absolute piss poor job advertising ,(there's not even a poster on the theatre of our show!!), there has been good and responsive audiences. Now they are just mediocre in terms of interaction but because Naples was so bad, we almost seem overwhelmed.

The only thing that has made this week unbearable is the fact that the conservative radio dj is back in my booth ruining the beginning of the show, and standing in front of me during the curtain call. I am soo annoyed.

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