My life on the road of the 1st National Tour of the Broadway musical Memphis.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The unexpected tour enhancer.

Waay back in September of last year when we started rehearsal, little did I know that the 13yr old son of one of the cast mates, who was always hovering outside the rehearsal rooms, playing games and doing homework, Would become one of my saving graces on this tour.

After immediately talking with them, I got extremely excited, cause Mama(that's her name in the show and thats what we call her), was telling me how she home schools Trey, and we agreed that I could help in the process, kind of be the cool teacher so to speak. I love teaching, inspiring, encouraging, being a mentor for someone, it kind of turns my heart on.
 So what it's become now is cool field trips to all the aquariums and science centers and museums we can find, that are worth going too.

Hanging out with Trey has been awesome! This kid is so amazing, and I feel the roles have been reversed and I learn from him all the time. His mother has totally raised him right, he's like a little man with great character. The one thing I fear though is because he's surrounded by all these older people all the time, he forgets that he's allowed to just be a kid, so I make sure we have fun, and fool around on our excursions.

We've had to put the running around on hold cause my poor little buddy's on crutches. he fell down the steps at the Fox theatre in Atlanta, stupid uneven balcony stairs. What we thought was just a sprained ankle turned out to be a broken heel.  We thought he would at least get a cool cast, And he was excited to have the full cast sign it and for me to paint the logo on it, but no one does casts any more and they just soft wrapped it.

 So now I've been thinking of ways to make him feel special, Any suggestions?

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