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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Florida ending part 1

Well Life here in Sunny florida, is finally coming to a close, and maybe for the best.

Everyone was really excited about coming down to the warmth for 2 weeks. I have to admit it has felt like a mini vacation being here in the 80's and wearing shorts, and all the fun in the sun we had. I got to run around Disney World twice, once each week, go play all day riding roller coasters at Bush Gardens,  Celebration station ,and go outlet shopping!

Going back to Disney was a trip. As I said before, this was the first time back in 10 yrs, and emotions, and memories flooded me, and almost over took me some. A lot of that happened as we went to the Animal Kingdom park.  I spent so much time there cause I was in the Festival of the Lion King show there. In fact Evan still had friends who were in the show, so we got a special VIP showing of the show and meet afterward, and it was astounding to me that there were still people in the show from 10 YEARS AGO!!! You know I ended my time at Disney not being in the show cause I got disapproved cause my kicks were too high, and I was dancing too hard, and I am SOO Glad! God clearly had better plans for me. But it was a blast to see the show again, and be in that space, it reminded me that I had danced for Star Jones on Thanksgiving that fall I was there! hahahaha I'm on her home videos baby!
 As we were walking around, I caught myself falling waay behind cause I was just stopping and looking around and recalling funny situations, reminiscing about the crazy times I had there. Remembering the parade route and how much fun I had dancing like a fool being a banner carrier at the end of the whole thing. hahahahahahah man that just made me laugh out loud. Also this park was the place I had most of my time being "friends" with Eeyore. (and yes that is code) So as we past the boat dock where the Pooh friends were out, I immediately had to deviate from whatever plan we were on, and race down the path to see them, and especially my great close old friend. I swear I could cry now, like I almost did then just thinking about the time spent there hugging people, effecting hearts,  and making dreams come true. It almost over took me waiting inline to see Eeyore. It also feels me with such a feeling of innocence, cause I was in such a different place then, with so much potential, and so much going for me. Maybe thats why its so emotional, cause it was a place in my life where I didn't have the consequences of 10 yrs of good and bad life choices. Hind sight is 20/20 yes. But I praise God he is still looking out for me, and loves me.

We had an almost full cast day at Bush Gardens. It was just a day full of running around from coaster to coaster trying to beat the herds of spanish teenage girls screaming and chanting songs. But I have to admit seeing the animals there in that environment, felt absolutely wrong. As I visit zoos and aquariums around the country, more and more do I feel conflicted about how I feel towards these captured environments.
Since it was an amusement park day I of course allowed myself to have one crazy junk food, and you better believe I got the jumbo sized powered sugar funnel cake, of course atop with whipped cream. Oh yes. Of course it was kinda the only thing I had eaten all day(disclaimer, not a balanced diet). And on top of that I had to shove it down, and eat it as we were racing to get to the one dinner theater so we could watch the Burn the floor park show, which was totally hot! ( and so was the guy from italy) ;)

Of course you can't forget our total fun day at celebration station!! Man I wish I had one of these in my area growing up! I'm thinking maybe making this apart of my bachelor party, hmm???

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