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Friday, February 10, 2012

the beautiful power of sunshine

So it's past Tuesday, which of course means we are in a new city. I will do better at staying more up to date with life, but that's what it's like out here on the road, some times you don't get great internet.

We finally got another plane ride to our next city, Clearwater Florida. WOOHOOO!! Praise the Lord! You see, when are only day off from doing a show is the day we also travel to a new city, it's not a real day off, come on everyone knows the stress of traveling. Especially when most of your traveling consists of riding a incredibly cramped bus for 9 hrs. We were hoping that the company would be trying to take care of us more out here since there's not many of us and we need every last dancer, but sometimes it feels like they don't think about how we're holding up.

But We Are In FLORIDA! That fact alone has brightened up the company, and I mean everybody from Cast to crew. The sunshine is a beautifully powerful thing, for the thought of it had folks in sun dresses, shorts, and flip flops even before we got on the plane in ATL. Lots of folks are excited as well cause about half the cast is staying on there own to save money, or to just not be in a crappy hotel. There's a bunch of them that even got a beach house together for the week. I myself have been crashing at a friend of Evans.

Now to help us feel more valued, Evans friend got us in Disney World!!!! WOOOHOOOOO!! I haven't been back to Disney since I worked there 10 yrs ago, so I was waay excited. It was also great cause Justin has never been to Disney, or hasn't been back since he was like 1, so it was fun to run him around the park. It's interesting how once you have lived the disney magic, it still wells up inside of you once you go back to visit. We found ourselves screaming "we believe", and interacting with children, and riding all the  kiddie rides. It almost made us think twice about coming down to dance for disney again, but we quickly were reminded to stay away once we saw the show, and remembered how much they were getting paid. Disney World can be death to the potential for a dancer.

Another amazingly wonderful thing about being down here in Orlando, was I got to see my close friends Clint and Cody. I don't know the reason why God gave me so many good looking straight guy friends, but I tell ya it's not a joke I'm laughing at. We're gonna have to have words when I get to heaven. But it was awesome to see them. We went shopping at the outlets and to top off our boys night out, and day off, we had us a Hawaiian feast at the restaurant Ohanas in the Polynesian hotel at disney, and stuffed ourselves silly, and laughed til we cried. It was a great night.

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