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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Good words

So here we are about to finish our week in Greenville South Carolina with our last 2 shows, and there's really been nothing to report. I had to call out yesterday and take 2 shows off to rest my knees and my ankles cause there was some weird buckling going on friday night in the show, which almost caused me a big accident in the Radio dance break. But I'm back in today. (here's a clip from an old bway cast)

Matt with his beautiful girl Evie.
The absolute highlight for me was being approached by our head carpenter, and Crew Cheif Matt, about being someone who can keep him accountable for going to the gym, and not letting him slack off. It has been great having someone to count on you, someone you have to get up for to not let down, someone who needs you to be on so that you can encourage them. What was also nice about it was, the Y was about a mile and a half walk away so we would use that time to walk and warm up for our work out, but also to talk and spend quality time getting to know each other. He told me how discouraged the crew can get at times, and how it brings him down, so I asked him how could I encourage him,( knowing that effecting the head, can change the body), and you know what he said to me, "you already are."
 I felt awesome.

Oh and get this, apparently they don't know what the doctor saw on Treys xray, but he doesn't have a single broken bone, and all the time he spent off his foot really did well healing his ankle and he's walking again! I miss my li'l bro. Good now we can get back to our extreme parkour training! (google it)

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