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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Something to Leap about!

SO the doctor says there is nothing extremely wrong with me. YAAAAY!
He basically said I am a young man, but in dance years I'm middle aged. Which is true. This show is just putting me thru the wear and tear, with no recovery time. So I have a bilateral strain on my knees, with a possible over compensated iso something or other hip sprain as well. You should see me at night its ridiculous, I have ice bags on both knees and my right hip. Sometimes you have to improvise ice packs as well.

A lot of folks in the cast seem to be going on these juice cleanses or fasts, it's quite interesting, Let me tell you though people are hungry!!! hahahahaha, and get moody, heck lord knows I do. This seems to be a season of contemplation, and purging, Of course it's all around lent. People have given up there various vices and disciplined themselves one way or another. A couple of guys have even decided to not talk for a week, sans the show of course, just to look inward. It's been a very interesting time here in Cleveland so far.
And our boring, undeserved featured, staunch republican, in the way, hate conjurer, guest dj is now gone YAAAAAAAYY. Sorry, I didn't like him here. Thats all I'll say about that.

As you know it was the special leap year this week, with feb 29th coming in and blessing us with another day to love and be loved! So I made my famous oreo pie, And Dan wanted to do a leap year shoot, so after the show, I leaped for him!!

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